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 As our classic cars get older parts have a tendency to break, especially those made in the 50s and 60s when Bakelite was introduced. Some parts are so old that moulds and patterns have long been discarded and there are none left, so what do you do if you need a new part for a '58 Chevy? Well that's where technology comes in, along with good old fashioned engineering. We can take your old part and recreate it using the very latest modern technology without the need for expensive tooling. 

It's not just cars though - anything you can think of that is broken and needs replacing on cars, boats, planes, around the house even.

How do we do it?

Part Analysis

We initially 3D scan the part for a sound base to work from, but then it's down to proper engineering - steel rules, vernier calipers, measuring every aspect of the part to ensure we know every measurement. 

3D CAD Model Creation

Once we have all of the measurements we can start to model the part in 3D using our state of the art Computer Aided Design package. This is a very involved process but once this model is correct it means we will forever have a digital version of that part.

3D Printing

This is where the real technology comes in. Using the very latest in 3D Printers, we print the part in nylon. This process can take many hours, but there is no tooling, no minimum volume runs and the part is very strong. Available in white or black, the part is easily painted for a great finish. other finishes are available too such as Chrome, Carbon Fibre, Wood veneer and Piano Black, plus many more.

Okay, how do we get started?

Contact us

Get in touch and we can discuss what you need. It can be anything - cars, boats, planes, anything you need replicating.

Let's talk

We like to chat with our clients - every one of these pieces that requires our attention has a story to tell and the more we know about it, the better we can understand it.

The awkward talk about money

Sadly this point has to come, so we'll quote you for the job, then once we have the part to replicate we can get underway.

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